Advanced Email Security

Next gen email security provides cutting-edge prevention of APTs, phishing, malware, impersonation and BEC attacks with the speed, scale and agility of the cloud.

A single email virus can cost your business an enormous amount in damages and lost productivity, whilst compromising your system and data integrity.

Email is the primary method used to initiate an advanced attack. Our secure email gateway with advanced email protection can detect threats other solutions miss, because the detection engines inspect suspicious email traffic to identify attacks that evade traditional signature- and policy-based defenses.

Perception Point

Perception Point is essentially Cybersecurity as a Service, built to enable digital transformation. Our continuously expanding platform protects against the full range of threats, across the most targeted channels, in one simple solution that is incredibly easy to deploy, maintain and update according to the newest attack techniques.

Founded in 2015, we are team of cyber-intelligence professionals and technology leaders headquartered in Tel Aviv. Our founders were formerly officers in the classified cyber units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and have built a team of engineers, researchers and threat intelligence specialists all from the IDF. We are passionate about enabling a digital-first world, and believe agile & unified threat detection is a critical component to that.

Sophos Email Security

Predictive Cloud Email Security Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Protecting email data and employees from spam, phishing, malware and more with our range of secure email gateways. Sophos Secure Email Gateway solutions include our on-premises Sophos Email Appliance and Sophos Email, our latest cloud-based service. Both services give you proven, award-winning protection from the latest advance threats, powered by the SophosLabs global network.


Email is currently the most common way cyber criminals launch and distribute threats. As the volume of attacks has increased, so has the level of sophistication.

One out of every 412 emails contain a malware attack, 7,710 organizations are hit by a Business Email Compromise attack every month, and spear-phishing is the most widely used infection vector, according to the Symantec Internet Threat Security Report (ISTR). Organizations today need a comprehensive security approach to protect cloud and on-premises email from these new, sophisticated threats.


Email and Collaboration Security Solutions

Stop phishing, malware, ransomware, fraud, and targeted attacks from infiltrating your enterprise

The most advanced blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques

Since email is the attacker’s top choice for ransomware and targeted attacks, you need the best email security available to protect your organization. Trend Micro uses XGen™ security, the most advanced blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques, with proven methods to find more phishing emails and malware. Our email solutions work with Control Manager for central management and threat sharing with other security layers to improve your visibility and overall protection.