Server Complexes

  • Databases maintenance platforms creation.
  • Centralized file storages organization.
  • Mail services providing.
  • Collaboration services creation.
  • Infrastructure services ensuring.
  • High-performance calculations (HPC) services creation.
  • Applications services, terminal services.
Projectors, Projectors Screens

Supply and Installation of Audio-Visual Communication:

Structured Cabling System integrates cabling subsystems and components in accordance with applicable standards into a single structure, which has its own topology, management methods and allows you to create a basis for further deployment and operation of communication services (telephony, data exchange within the LAN, video surveillance, etc.)


Distributing devices (patch panels)

Information connectors

Consolidation points


Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)


  • Correct creation of wireless systems taking into account specifics of rooms, quantity and types of mobile clients
  • Wireless network controllers use in solutions with more than two access points