Timeline’s range of top-class vendors can help with all your networking needs including connectivity, cabling, fiber, nested security, UTM, routing and wireless networks. Timeline can help you to select suitable components and to plan and implement networks – and we can remain your point of contact once you go live.

We undertake Datacenter Consultancy Services, Datacenter Design & Built Services, Infrastructure Management solutions, Racks and Structured cabling in association with companies specializing in this sector.

  • Switching Infrastructure Solutions
  • Server Infrastructure Solutions
  • Cabling Services
  • Data Centre Solutions

Basic Network Services

Basic network services such as DHCP, DNS, Active Directory and LDAP form the backbone of the IT infrastructure in the application delivery area.

The quality with which these services are provided directly impacts on the operation of all the other IT services and IT applications …


Physical connectivity can be achieved with the help of UTP, STP as well as SM/MM Fiber Optic cables.

These solutions provide Higher Performance, Redundancy and Scalability from Edge to Distribution to Core layers, with Desktops connectivity options from 10/100 Mbps to 10/100/1000 Mbps and Core/Distribution connectivity options from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, these switching solutions provide complete solutions from Small office to Campus wide Networks.


The WAN solutions include High Performance Multiservice routers which provide connectivity through different types of media including Leased Circuits, ISDN BRI/PRI, and Dialup PSTN links.

Wide area networks generate high connection costs and suffer from critical delays. Wide Area Networks enable Data/Voice/Video communications between different offices of an enterprise or between different enterprises.

Virtual Private Networks

To achieve such VPN connectivity, various connectivity equipment including Routers, Firewall/VPN gateways, VPN Concentrators, SSL Appliances can be utilized based on number of Users/sites as well as Media of connection.

The utilizing of VPN technologies and Internet, end to end connectivity between an individual PC/Laptop OR Huge site with multiple networks can be achieved to the Central Site as well as other sites around the world.

IT Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure Solution subject matter experts assess and analyze your business and propose an apt solution keeping in mind the current requirements and all future business growth

All solutions are offered based on quality products which are supported by Vision IT’s professional and reliable support services team who ensure a complete customer satisfaction.

Our Infrastructure Solution Portfolio consists of the below world-famous products and solutions:

  • High Availability Servers from HPE, Dell, Lenovo and IBM
  • Network Storage Solutions
  • Data Backup & Recovery Solutions
  • Power Backup Solutions
  • Structured LAN / WAN / WLAN Networking solutions
  • Laser, Deskjet Printers and Wide Format Printers
  • RFID Readers and Biometric Readers
  • Personal Computers & Business Notebooks
  • IP Based CCTV

Campus Networks

Access networks give end users stable, secure access to the company’s resources via wired or wireless infrastructures.

  • Software  Defined Campus
  • Access Switching
  • Wireless Access
  • Core Switching
  • Network Access Control